Choosing the Right CoWorking Space
Written by GreatWork Team - October 25, 2019

Can’t decide which CoWorking space to work in?
Here’s a quick checklist when choosing your CoWorking Space:

  1. Value
    It’s more than the seat cost! Consider all the inclusions in your membership. Employee to square meter ratio, the size of the given workstation, the amenities included, the connectivity, and the community. The price you pay per seat may be justified by the inclusion, or lack thereof, of some of the aspects to consider when choosing your workspace. Schedule a tour in either of our GreatWork branches to discover the value unique to our spaces! (link here to the inquiry page)
  2. Amenities
    Consider the communal space provided for the community. Are the hallways passable? Are clean restrooms maintained for the guests? Is the pantry sizeable enough? In our first blog post which can be accessed here, one stark difference between serviced offices and traditional offices is the provision of amenities in the former.
  3. Community
    If you’ve been to various CoWorking spaces, community is key! At GreatWork, each of our branches are created with certain communities in mind. Although not limiting, we tried our best to equip each space with certain amenities that could benefit each type of community. GreatWork Business Campus is equipped with an intensive IT infrastructure system which may be most beneficial for IT centered companies and BPO companies. GreatWork studio on the other hand, is designed for events, gatherings, and creative collaborations. You will find a cozier theme as well since this second space may be more comfortable if your company is in the creatives and marketing companies.
  4. Connectivity
    Determine what type of connectivity your business operations need and select spaces based on what they offer. Some spaces offer internet with only wifi connectivity, others offer LAN connections, and others may even offer specific type of equipment for the business needs they cater to.
  5. Accessibility
    Last but not the least, consider if it is easily accessible from your place of residence and the general commute options. Are you getting enough rest? Or do you find yourself waking up extra early despite getting home extra late? For team leaders, are your team members constantly logging in late arrivals into the office? These could indicate a need for a better accessible workspace.