The Biggest Success Factor!
Written by GreatWork Team - October 25, 2019

Based on a survey conducted by Paypal, the Philippines has an estimated 1.5 Million freelancers! Amazing right? Some are graphic artists, others are writers, and others are IT developers for their clients. The allure of freelancing is the idea of money and freedom – the “work anytime you want while earning your own money” mentality.

Majority of freelancers in the country are the millennials who want to earn money on the side while also escaping the perceived toxicity of the 9-5 schedule. A study estimates that more than 30% of the workforce will choose the nomadic work culture and opt out of the traditional office set-up.

Addressing this head-on is the culture of CoWorking and it has taken the freelancer world by storm. CoWorking spaces allow freelancers to work out of home, out of office, yet in a space where work is much encouraged - How can we say so, you may ask? Let us delve deeper into that.

Working from home presents the problem of too much comfort.
No matter how hard you try, it will be more difficult for you to keep the discipline of sticking to a work schedule while you stay home. A quick powernap could turn into a long siesta.

Community is key to a freelancer’s success.
If you work from home, the biggest hurdle you will encounter is getting business connections. CoWorking spaces are perfect for freelancers because they are very social places. The sense of community is built up by the various events and diverse people present in the space at any given time. Imagine the possibility of meeting your next business partner beside you or gaining your next client across you. Being part of a community is better than being alone at home.

Keeping it Professional.
It doesn’t bode well for your business credentials if you meet a client in your home while in your home clothes, this just screams unprofessionalism. CoWorking spaces have meeting rooms and conference rooms which can be used which help you build better business impressions.

In summary, CoWorking is the most successful choice for freelancers. If you’re a freelancer looking for a place to focus on your craft, build a network, and be part of a community, contact GreatWork today to learn more about how our space can help you grow and thrive in business.