The Era of CoWorking
Written by GreatWork Team - October 25, 2019

Where you work affects your team’s productivity. Gone are the days when an office just used to be a space to work. In an era where “work is life” or where work has synergized into life, the concept of the workspace has also evolved. The two reasons for this workspace phenomenon are Productivity and Savings.

For the sake of discussion, let’s categorize the two types of workspaces into Traditional and Shared.

Traditional Workspaces (commonly termed as offices) are defined by the following criteria:

  • A space which is leased out directly from the landlord of the building, commonly for a fixed lease term which does not go below 2 years.
  • A space wherein fitout construction, renovations, and remodeling are all shouldered by the lessor.
  • When the lessor has to worry about the furniture, equipment, electricity, and connectivity of the space.
  • High capital expenses prior to the movein date.
  • A considerably long lockin period given that the company has to consider gaining a return on investment based on a larger sum of investment.

Shared Workspaces (commonly termed as CoWorking spaces) are defined by the following criteria:

  • Instead of leasing out a whole space, clients are offered seatleasing options. Meaning, monthly rent is based on the number of seats a client books for the month. Pay for only the seats you need and share in the amenities provided for all clients.
  • Typically, working in a CoWorking space allows you to enjoy better and bigger amenities than if you were to operate in your own traditional workspace. Imagine a bigger common area, a bigger and wellequipped conference room, a fully stocked pantry, well maintained restrooms, and much much more.
  • All the furniture and equipment are already provided for the clients’ use.
  • Clients need not worry about electricity bills and internet bills since these are managed by the CoWorking space provider.
  • At GreatWork branches, maximum flexibility is achievable because of the plugand-play capabilities of each space, plus you can upgrade to a bigger room anytime!

It is evident that Shared Workspaces present the possibility for better productivity and more savings. In the recent years, CoWorking has been embraced across various industries and team sizes. Even big conglomerate companies have started availing of CoWorking services by setting up their back-end offices in these types of spaces.

If you’ve been having doubts if CoWorking is right for you or not, why not consider the move today? Contact GreatWork for a personalized tour of any of our branches to learn more about how our CoWorking space can benefit you and your team!