A new era of flexibile working
Written by Connor Kelman - November 17, 2020

Work from home arrangements have undoubtedly been fundamental in how businesses have operated within the new normal, lockdown procedures across the globe have been a catalyst for forcing employers into transitioning their workforces away from cooperate office set-ups, and into home working.

However, as the world becomes more adapted to operating safely amid the pandemic, and with many businesses already looking at, or in the process of a return to the office to help increase productivity and improve collaboration, experts predict that working from home is unlikely to remain a prominent option for businesses moving forward, prompting the question, where will we be working from in the future?

Whilst working from home may not be sustainable in the long-term, it has pathed the way for a new era that seems set to become a preferred option for many businesses, flexible working. In a bid to reestablish collaboration and work place culture, in a safe and efficient way, businesses are now looking at setting up remote or satellite offices in multiple locations outside the main CBD’s with a centralized head office acting as a ‘hub’ for their operations, helping to reduce congestion within their workspaces and create a safer work environment.

This model will allow employees to access different professional workspace with options closer to their homes, something that workers in the Philippines are reported as being particularly keen on, as well as enabling ease of collaboration at the centralized hub when required. With some big firms in the Philippines already beginning a transition into flexible working arrangements, it seems certain to be here to stay .

As flexibile working continues to gain in popularity, the demand for office space is likely to shift away from the traditional large scale, long term requirements seen pre-pandemic and into a need for multiple smaller locations that allow for greater convenience and flexibility, co-working and serviced office providers are seen as the ideal option to accommodate this new trend as many providers in the Philippines are already operating multiple, fully operational COVID secure locations, that allow for different lease options and inclusions, making the transition away from working from home quicker and easier for businesses.