How your business could benefit from a Virtual office.
Written by Connor Kelman - December 01, 2020

As a business grows from a home-based start-up into something bigger, there becomes a greater need to ensure a high level of professionalism, and whilst you might not be ready to commit to a physical office, signing up to a virtual office can provide you with an ideal alternative to help improve credibility and scale your business at a lower cost. Here’s how it works:

Formal business address

The address for your business is likely to be one of the first things that someone sees when searching for you online, and whilst operating from your home is often the most cost-effective way to run operations for a small business, using a residential address can look unprofessional.

With a Virtual Office you will be able to utilize the address of an already established commercial office space, however, without the need for your business to be physically operating from that location, helping to create a more professional image, whilst keeping your overheads low.

Additional support services

As well as providing your business with a professional address you will also be able to take advantage of additional services as part of your Virtual office package, including onsite staff who can accept and store any mail and packages addressed to you, answer calls, and take messages on behalf of your business, you will also receive monthly allowances for using meeting rooms and other work spaces at a reduced cost depending on the package, allowing you access in person to a professional space when required.

Business expansion

Virtual Office services offer a great starting point to grow and improve your business, our Greatwork Virtual Office packages are designed with an array of different inclusions to accommodate businesses of any size or industry, offering the flexibility to amend your inclusions as you need with exclusive expansion opportunities through other services such as private office space.