Professional offices closer to home
Written by Connor kelman - December 09, 2020

One thing that this ongoing Pandemic has taught us, is the importance for a business to remain flexible and adaptable in order to survive. This year has seen an unprecedented need for businesses to adjust to a ‘new normal’ way of work, a surge in the need for remote working in order to withstand the effects and restrictions of the Pandemic, has forced about an evaluation into the best practices in efficient utilization of office space within many industries.

However, whilst hope remains that at some point soon we can all fully return to normality, it is unlikely that for many of us this will mean a return to the same office set-ups seen in pre-pandemic times, with businesses now eyeing up a new and more efficient way of operating, one that incorporates aspects of remote work and the use of centralized office space into a sustainable long-term solution.

How will remote working play a part in the future of the office?

It’s no secret that there have been mixed results and opinions when it comes to the success of working from home, with some businesses deciding to continue WFH arrangements, others already returning back to the office, and many now opting for a mix of the 2 options in a way of operating that is designed to allow for greater flexibility, safety and efficiency.

Often referred to as a Hub and Spoke Model, instead of all employees being crammed into one central office located in the densest, most built up area of the city, businesses are now seeking to expand a large portion of their operations outside of the major CBD’s, creating smaller satellite offices located in multiple areas, aiming to allow for easier and better social distancing protocols, more accessible workspaces for their employees, a greater talent pool for hiring, and often cheaper rental prices, amongst other benefits. However, whilst we are seeing an increased demand for spaces outside the usual CBD’s, there is still a maintained level of interest into office space in these areas also, as businesses remain keen to have their head office or HUB, which will act as a central location for the satellite offices, in already established prime locations.

Why serviced offices are key to helping facilitate remote working

Serviced office and co-working providers are the ideal option for businesses looking to transition into a Hub and Spoke Model. Already occupying multiple locations throughout key areas in major cities, and able to accommodate an array of space and technical requirements without the need for long term commitments, they allow employers the flexibility to asses the viability of multiple locations with minimal risk.